Check out Sable Homes’ newly built homes during New Homes Month this April

In recognition of New Homes Month this April, the home building industry is seeing a positive step in new home construction nationwide.

New research from the National Association of Home Builders shows the percentage of homes with 4+ bedrooms rose slightly to 48% in 2022, up from 43% in 2019, due in part to the flexibility bedrooms can provide home owners.

“New homes offer flexible spaces that individuals or families can turn into whatever they want to suit their needs,” said Sable Homes President John Bitely. “Builders like us are responding to home buyers who want homes with enough space to support their day-to-day activities and overall living.”

A new Sable home is built for you, from the ground up. Homeowners choose the floor-plan, finish and amenities right from our own showroom. And with our efficient engineering processes, a new Sable home offers 30% more home for 20% less cost than even a few years ago. You may be surprised how perfectly a new Sable home matches your lifestyle and budget.

If you’re looking for a new home, check out our available new homes in the following communities:

• Caledonia
• Cedar Springs
• Comstock Park
• Grant
• Kent City
• Howard City
• Lowell
• Middleville
• Newaygo
• Rockford
• Shelbyville
• Sparta
• Wayland

We also build new homes on your lot anywhere within 35 miles of Grand Rapids. At Sable Homes, we offer a flexible program to build on your existing lot or, we can help you find a lot for your next home.

Our New Home Consultants can help you find the perfect homeownership fit! Whether it’s one of our newly constructed homes or a future home built on your lot, let our New Home Consultants guide you on your homeownership journey. Give us a call today: (616) 866-3913.