Sable Homes Adds Value to New Construction Projects with Superior Walls Foundations

NEW HOLLAND, PA. – “Who wants a wet, damp, cold, stinky basement when you can have a Superior basement?” That’s the question that people at Sable Homes ask their home buyer customers on a regular basis.
“We’ve constructed more than 200 homes with precast concrete foundation systems from Superior Walls® and our home buyers love them,” says John Bitely, president of Sable Homes. “These dry, energy-efficient and comfortable basements are an asset for any homeowner.
“Eighty percent of the homes we build in western Michigan each year have Superior Walls foundations. They give our buyers more living space, a stronger value for their home investment and better energy efficiency ratings.”
The team at Sable Homes have tapped into a popular trend for their marketplace. According to the National Association of Home Builders™ (NAHB™) “What Home Buyers Really Want” 2012 survey of new and potential home buyers, 87 percent of respondents in the East North Central area of the United States (including Michigan) would prefer to have a basement in their homes.
“Basements are extremely popular in our area,” says Bitely. “So far in 2013 we’ve included more than 30 Superior Walls basements in our new home construction projects. And, we encourage all of our home prospects to make sure that whomever they buy a home from — even if it’s not us — that they make sure it has a Superior Walls basement. No one should settle for less.”
For Sable Homes, there are four distinct features that keep their company using Superior Walls products year-after-year. “First, we don’t get call backs on these foundation systems,” says Bitely. “Second, we achieve customer comfort by providing a warm, dry and ready-to-finish basement for our customers. Third, these foundations help the entire home achieve better energy efficiency ratings. And fourth, the Superior Walls products provide better value for our customers, which truly help us sell more homes.”
The original R-5® Superior Walls foundations that Sable Homes uses for their homes are constructed with one-inch of continuous DOW® insulation for year-round comfort and energy efficiency. The special high-strength, low-water concrete mix used to create the walls ensures that the basement remains dry. The wall panels are reinforced with steel rebar and polypropylene fibers for added strength.
Superior Walls insulated precast concrete wall systems have earned the Green Approved Product designation by the NAHB Research Center. For homeowners, the benefits of Superior Walls foundations systems are substantial. The energy-efficient walls help lower energy costs and reduce energy leakage while providing increased living space in a comfortable setting.
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