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In 30 years of business, John Bitley tells Business Insider he’s never seen such a demand

Many companies are still struggling to keep up with backlogs of home improvement projects and new home construction due to the limited availability of materials, as well as laborers, caused by the pandemic. John Bitely, the president of Sable Homes, told Business Insider that in 30 years of business he’s never seen such demand. “We […]

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Business Insider talks with Sable Homes’ John Bitely about the consumer goods shortage

Business Insider called upon Sable Homes President John Bitely for his expertise in the home building industry to share how consumer goods shortages are affecting home prices. Many home-improvement goods including lumber, appliances, paint, and fertilizer are getting more expensive as companies continue to announce price hikes to combat shortages and rising shipping costs. Price […]

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Demand is High, Supply is Lagging

By: Ron Austin, Sable Homes General Manager The demand for homes is expanding in Michigan, however the construction of new homes has been lagging behind. Why is this? City officials note, “construction is about to come to an abrupt halt not for lack of demand –but lack of vacant lots” (Mlive). So then, the demand […]

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