WZZM talks with Karin Kay about labor, materials shortages heading into fall

While the home building industry is seeing a slight ease in lumber shortage heading into the fall, there are still many labor challenges and shortages in other materials affecting new builds.

WZZM interviewed Sable Homes Sales Manager Karin Kay about these continued challenges in the housing industry.

“We had high hopes in 2021 that our supply issues would rectify themselves and things would come back to normal,” Kay told WZZM, “and that has not been the case at all.”

Kay said Sable Homes has had to bring in new materials, as others become unavailable. It is affecting everything from vinyl, to roofing, tile, siding and windows, WZZM reported.

Also, all those challenges combined create a longer timetable for new builds. Kay said what used to take four to five months, now takes closer to six to eight.

“I think we’ll see a very short window, where we see relief,” she said during her interview. “And then, it’ll go back the same thing with delays and difficulty getting material.”

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