River Hills development in Newaygo welcomes new homeowner

We are excited to announce we have closed on a home in the River Hills development in Newaygo.

Last December, we entered a partnership with the River Country Chamber of Commerce, TrueNorth Community Services and the Newaygo County Area Promise Zone to revitalize the River Hills neighborhood in the city of Newaygo.

While this 40-acre neighborhood has remained unfinished for 15 years, it lies in the heart of Newaygo and is part of the residential flavor. That is why we want to bring it back to life and renew a sense of community among Newaygo residents. In doing so, we also recognize the importance of offering reasonably-priced new homes and giving back to those who serve our communities.

With each sale of our River Hills homes through the end of June, Sable Homes will donate $250 to TrueNorth and the Promise Zone – two nonprofit organizations dedicated to helping those in need. We are also paying $2,000 toward the closing cost for each home purchased in this neighborhood.

We are excited to see these commitments take shape as we welcome a new River Hills homeowner this spring! Congratulations on your new home, Heather! You mark the beginning of the resurgence in this rural town. We couldn’t be happier to see the positivity stemming from this project and bring smiles to Newaygo homeowners.

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