The Home Builders Association of Michigan identifies ways to help the statewide housing shortage

The Home Builders Association of Michigan recently released its Housing Summit 2017 report about how the changing economic environment is creating a housing shortage in the state. The report, titled, “Housing Challenges Threaten Our Economic Growth, Where Will Ten Million Michiganders Live?” is the result of statewide testimonies on the challenges and opportunities affecting residential […]

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Sable Homes President John Bitely discusses local labor cost and availability in post-Great Recession era

It’s been about nine years since the Great Recession hit and while the market bounced back, developers are having a hard time keeping up with demand — they don’t have enough hands to build. “There’s a lot of really good people that got wiped out in that terrible recession; we made it through,” Sable Homes […]

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National residential and commercial construction concerns also felt in West Michigan

We know there is a nationwide shortage of buildable lots and skilled labor for the housing market. This also holds true for us in greater Grand Rapids, which was ranked third in’s top 10 U.S. cities with the “biggest housing shortages.” But homebuilders shouldn’t get too discouraged. Housing affordability still remains favorable heading into […]

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