Home Buying Process

Buying Made Easy


Whether you’ve owned a home or this is your first – now is a great time to buy. With low, low interest rates and a wide range of government incentives, owning your own home has never made more sense.

1. Get Help

Find someone you can trust.

Buying a new home can be a little stressful. What you need is someone you can trust to walk you through the process. Financing. Details. Timelines. Design Choices. Finding someone who understands the decisions you need to make and can help you make the right ones is important for getting what you want on time and on budget.

2. Set Budget

Set a comfortable budget.

You need to determine a budget that you’ll feel good about, one you can live with for years to come. You will need to determine how much you want to spend per month, find financing and estimate mortgage payments. There are a wide range of financing options available and tremendous tax incentives available to fit your needs and budget. It’s worth taking time to pre-qualifiy so when you find what you want you can act quickly and not end up disappointed.

3. Browse Neighborhoods

Location. Location. Location.

Where do you want to live? Close to work? Close to family? In a specific school’s boundaries? In the country or near the city? Where you live will affect how you live.

4. Choose NEW or Used

New homes are an unusual value today.

Of course, we believe that a new Sable home is a great decision. But you need to consider the options. A used home comes with someone else’s tastes, treatments, problems and wear and tear. A new Sable home is built for you, from the ground up. You choose the floor-plan, finish and amenities. And with our efficient engineering processes, a new Sable home offers 30% more home for 20% less cost than even a few years ago. You may be surprised how perfectly a new Sable home matches your lifestyle and budget.

5. Decide What YOU Want

Space, Amenities, Craftsmanship & Style

Some families want a lot of space for their growing families. Others prefer less space with more amenities. Others still look for a balance of both space and features. What’s important to you and your family… today and into the future? Based on your budget, you can weigh the options and build a home that meets your needs… and your dreams.

6. Take the Next Step

Your new home is within reach!

You’ve made some important decisions—what you can afford, where you want to live and the features that can make a house your home. And you’re thinking that a new home might be  possible.

Now that you’re asking the right questions, we’d love to show you how a new Sable home can fit your budget, your lifestyle and your dreams. Contact a Sable New Home Specialist and let us show you how affordable and how right a new Sable home can be.