About Us

Building Communities

Since 1996, Sable Developing has helped over a thousand West Michigan families live their dream of owning their own home—a new Sable home. Because building homes and communities is what we do, we create homes and neighborhoods where families can live comfortably. And, because we are a locally owned and operated builder, we don’t just build communities—we live in them, too.

We’re Here to Help

We know that the decision to build a new home is full of questions. We’re here to help. Our New Home Specialists are available to answer questions, help you pre–qualify, work with your budget, find financing and—best of all—help you find the home of your dreams.

If you’d like to know more, give us a call or drop us a line. Because a new home for your family can be more than a dream. It can be a dream come true.

Now is the Time

You have seen in the media that now is a historic time to buy. Interest rates are at their lowest levels in three generations. Expanded government incentives for new and existing homeowners will save thousands of dollars, while additional state and rural tax credits save even more. It’s possible to own a home for less that the cost to rent an apartment. A home with remarkable space, room to grow and the opportunity to build equity.

But these programs inevitably won’t last. That’s why it’s worth your time to find out more today.

Well–Built Homes

Sable builds outstanding value into every home because your home is a reflection of your tastes and dreams. Our “well–built” homes include a higher level of detail in design, engineering and craftsmanship than you’ll find from other builders at similar prices. Our pre–engineering processes allow us to work efficiently and reduce waste, protecting natural resources while saving you money. And our dedication to Energy certification standards means your Sable home is not only an exceptional value, it is efficient to maintain.

Warm Regards,

John Bitely
Sable Developing Inc.

Interested In Joining The Team?

Another division of Sable Homes is Sable Realty. We are expanding our sales staff each year. One thing we like to mention to agents, “We never run out of listings – we are constantly building new homes”. Sable agents are encouraged to run their normal real estate business and continue to sell their clients homes and to help buyers in the pursuit of any home on the market. Sable Realty has a highly competitive compensation and training program for new or experienced REALTORS. We encourage and support agents with our model homes, superior advertising and marketing programs, and many other avenues that are not available from normal broker relationships.

Co-Brokers & Agents

Working with Us is Easy – Very Easy
We are extremely proud of our track record in working with agents. We make it EASY for agents to work with us. This is how simple it is:
Just register your client with Sable before or during an initial visit

  • We’ll help answer any questions you or your client have
  • We’ll help you finalize the contract
  • We’ll walk your client through the selection process
  • We’ll be side by side with your client during the building process
  • We’ll be there at the closing table with our binder of warranties and guarantees
  • YOU, (the agent) receive your commission

…And all you basically had to do was make a phone call to let us know your client was coming and keep in touch.