A proud member of the the Home Builders Association of Greater Grand Rapids

Sable Homes has been a member of the HBA for some time now, and since joining we have seen the organization go from a bunch of builders to a true community. There is a real sense of camaraderie between the members and many, we are lucky enough to call our friends. Our company President, John Bitely, has been a board member for the HBA and the HBA Foundation in the past and continues to be actively involved in the HBA through planning committees, board service, and even winning an award for being the top HBA recruiter.

The HBA has been important to us because we have made many great connections with other industry professionals. With the HBA Foundation we are also able to help grow the construction industry through scholarships and better the communities with grants and assisting non-profits with ramp builds.

No matter what the future of the HBA holds, Sable Homes will continue to support them in whatever ways we can.