5 Interior Design Trends in 2015

By Karin Kay

Gone are the days of beige and cream walls, fake plants, gaudy wallpapers, heavy fabrics in burgundy floral designs, and tiled counter tops. The trends of 2015 are timely, easily customized, and they create a space that is both bright and bold, industrial yet cozy, and trendy yet timeless.

1. Gray is the new beige. Gray tones and varying shades of gray are all over the place right now. Gray is the new neutral, and it complements almost anything. Light gray walls replace the beige walls of the past, and they provide a cool and comforting canvas. Bright colors and bold patterns really stand out against the gray backdrop. The versatile gray color palette is allows for customization and it is sure to stand the test of time (HGTV).

2. Industrial-rustic styles are hot right now. This style mixes industrial pieces with the rustic wood. Copper metal accents are especially popular as lighting pieces, accent decor, and storage furniture such as a bar table. Re-purposed wood paired with metal and industrial pieces create a harmony of structure and natural elements (HGTV).

3. Accent Walls (Bold or dark colors) – It is a big commitment to decide which color to paint a particular wall, and if you are anything like me and you cannot choose between colors, accent walls are a great way to go. When they are paired with a neutral complementary wall, accent walls add a splash of color and a hint of depth. My favorite accent wall color is the dark blue-gray paired with gold accent pieces and picture frames. The blue-gray is a deep, elegant way to add a touch of sophistication to an otherwise bright and neutral room (WSJ).

4. Succulents are a growing trend for 2015, even if you do not have a green thumb. These plants add a nice splash of life to a sunny corner of your home. They are relatively easy plants, and require very little watering. Try placing three succulents on a windowsill that receives significant sunlight. The combination of odd numbers and use of greenery are easy on the eyes and give life to a room.

Free Stock Photo of Succulents

5. Minimalism. Less is more with this interior design trend. Say goodbye to fussy design, clutter, and complex home layouts. Minimalism embraces the clean lines, open concept layouts, and simple yet “stand out” accent pieces. A great way to embrace minimalism design is to create a black and white photo wall using simple black frames. Arrange the frames to create a collage of photos on the wall. Each photo creates a piece of art using the wall as the entire art piece.


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