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Wouldn’t you want to live in a school district and send your children to a school that has the best amenities and programs? A school that offers 17 different advance placement courses, this being more than any single high school in West Michigan. A school who is the only public school in Michigan with an ice arena. A school that offers your children the option to take four years of Latin, German, Spanish, or French. No this isn’t one of you super schools that you might be expecting, this is and more is what Kentwood schools has to offer you and your family. The Kentwood area is the third most popular area for new single family homes according to Builder Track. With Sable offering you two developments in this area how much better can it get! Our Bailey’s Grove and our Creekwood Village homes are located in great areas with easy access to many main roads. Call our office today at (616) 866-3913 we would love to show you around.


See more of what Kentwood schools has to offer and their successes!

• Glenwood Elementary was selected by the Michigan Department of Education as a Distinguished Title I School

• Walid Azam, Crossroads’ graduate, received the student volunteer of the year award from Governor Snyder

• Kentwood has the only 3rd – 8th self contained Gifted and Talented program in the State

• Every Kentwood building has wireless technology for student learning

• Kentwood administered 558 Advanced Placement exams to their students this past year

• Our district has students from 63 different countries who speak 65 different languages

• Kentwood was one of only five school districts across the state selected by the Department of Ed to participate in the Pacesetters Academy

• East Kentwood High School has over 30 students graduating with a 4.0 GPA or higher each year

• Our We the People Team has won 14 state championships and finished among the top ten in the nation six times. We have won more state titles than any other Michigan school.

• Kentwood has a Long Range Strategic Diversity Plan, the first of its kind in Kent County

• Kentwood Transportation raised over $9,000 for Relay for Life


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