Sable Homes new technology opens the doors to affordable and accessible home ownership

Sable Homes new technology opens the doors to affordable and accessible home ownership


Rockford-based Sable Homes is producing a new type of home in Michigan that provides barrier-free living for individuals who are physically handicapped or seniors at a more economical price.

The homes feature a new technology which allows homes in the northern states to be built on a slab foundation. Although these foundations are used in most southern U.S. states that do not have basements, they are not insulated well enough to be used in northern states with annual frost.

The technology, Freedom Foundation, is essentially a thick, foam barrier which surrounds the slab foundation, insulating it and protecting the cement from frost.

Joanne Feutz, occupational therapist at Disabilities Advocates of Kent County, is delighted with the design but she says these homes follow the precept of“universal design” and they are really for anyone, not just someone with a disability. From her perspective, this type of home fills a big need in the market. “A lot of builders will build a custom home but no one is building homes that are designed to be accessible and affordable,” she says. Feutz says the homes “are beautiful” and are perfect for individuals needing barrier-free living.

Sable is working on organizing an installation team which can assist other builders in setting up these foundations to produce similar model homes to help support this community of buyers.

Sable Homes is one of the few builders that works with Veterans Administration and Rural Development for construction loans for new homes.

To learn more about Sable Homes you can visit their site here.

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