Sable Homes partners with Northview Next Career Center to provide students with hands-on learning

Sable Homes is part of an initiative that Northview Public Schools is launching to expand career pathways and provide flexible learning options for students.

Northview Next will begin this fall for students ages 15-20 who don’t necessarily fit in traditional high school settings, Brent Dickerson, assistant principal of Northview Public Schools, told the Grand Rapids Business Journal.

The program includes the Northview Next Learning Center, which provides a high school education primarily online, and the Northview Next Career Center, which provides a high school education that focuses on building career skills.

The objective of the learning center is to help all students ages 15-20 acquire an NVPS diploma regardless of their circumstances, Drew Klopcic, coordinator of student supports, told GRBJ. He said the learning center welcomes students who may have dropped out of school or who have extenuating life circumstances — such as health issues or full-time jobs — that create barriers to participating in a traditional high school schedule.

Students attending the Northview Next Career Center will participate in skills-based classes in hands-on learning experiences during normal school hours. This program includes a class where students work on career development, career ideas, resumé development and hear from guest speakers.

On Fridays, students will participate in job shadows, internships, co-ops and part-time jobs across a variety of industries, including mechanics, art, technology and real estate. These activities are being integrated into the Northview Next program from a previous program, called Future Focused Fridays, when students would spend time learning off-site at partner companies.

Through Future Focused Fridays, students worked with companies throughout metro Grand Rapids, including Sable Homes. The goal is these opportunities will lead to jobs or other internships, Dickerson said.

“We wanted to provide an option at the career center where students can get their hands dirty and start working earlier and start finding a career path,” Dickerson told GRBJ. “We hope it is a win-win situation for our students, as well as potential employers.”

Read the full GRBJ story, here.

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