Sable Homes President John Bitely featured on WOOD Radio’s CEO Spotlight

Sable Homes President John Bitely was a recent guest on Wood Radio’s Corp! Magazine CEO Spotlight segment with Justin Barclay.

During the July 3 live radio segment, Bitely discussed the need for skilled trade workers and housing affordability, not just in West Michigan, but also nationwide.

“One of the biggest challenges and concerns I have is affordability of the homes themselves, especially for the same skilled trades workers — working class America — we employ,” Bitely said during the live interview. “We see a lot of communities that are being exclusionary in their zoning and they’re not allowing developments that are not expensive and fancy enough.”

Bitely, a fourth-generation Algoma Township/Kent County resident, founded Sable Developing Inc. in 1996. At that time, the company’s focus was on residential development. The company has since evolved into Sable Homes and Sable Realty as a way to provide land development, home construction and sales. His goal has always been to build value into homes, allowing families to buy a high-quality home that is affordable to purchase and operate.

“Everybody’s level of affordability is different. … We have to encourage our townships and municipalities to have zoning that will allow these types of communities,” Bitely added. “As consumers, we have to start speaking up that we want to get this in control.”

If you missed Bitely’s live radio segment, don’t worry. You can listen to it on the WOOD Radio podcast, here.

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