Slab foundations prove cost effective, more popular than ever

A recent survey of construction shows an interesting trend: More than half of the new homes built last year do not have basement and the trend continues to go up.  According to U.S. Census Bureau survey, 57% of new homes in 1015 were built on a concrete slab, continuing a steady increase in this foundation type since 2000, when 46% of homes were built on slabs.

Until recently, slab foundations were not a practical option for builders in Michigan and other northern states because of the annual frost. But Sable Homes’ new Freedom Foundation© technology allows slab foundation in cold winter climates, acting as a thick foam barrier that surrounds the slab foundation, insulating and protecting the cement.

Freedom Foundation allows Sable Homes to build a house without a basement or crawl space, yet have a stable, insulated one-story home. This helps keep cost of construction down and also eliminates the need for a steep ramp for the physically handicapped.

Sable is looking to use the Freedom Foundation to provide affordable housing to disabled veterans, seniors, and any other home buyers in need of a barrier free home on a budget. Sable Homes is also one of a few builders that works with the Veterans Administration and Rural Development for construction loans for new homes.

Read more about the Census Bureau’s recent Survey of Construction in this Eye on Housing blog post.

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